Why Miracle Wand is the best

Other drapery wands just can’t compare. Here’s why.

Maybe you have limited shoulder mobility. Maybe you’re not a tall person. Maybe there’s a piece of furniture between you and the window that you have to reach across every time.
This means you need a drapery wand. A drapery wand pulls or pushes the curtain along with it, but you don’t have to touch the curtain panel itself. You don’t have to reach high up to open and close the curtain, you just have to reach the wand. And because the wand is attached at the top of the panel, it’s as though you’re opening and closing the curtain from the very top.
Obviously a drapery wand is a useful thing to have. Most people don’t get the most out of their windows because they can’t be bothered opening and closing the drapes all the time.
The problem is, drapery wands are expensive. Take a quick look on Amazon or eBay and you’ll find lots of drapery wands. But look closely and you’ll see they just don’t measure up.
For one thing, a 4-foot-long drapery wand – in other words, one that’s long enough to be easy to reach – is hard to find and expensive.
Still, if they have two in stock that might be okay, right?

Look at the picture. What are you supposed to do with that clip?

It doesn’t clip on to a grommet panel. Or a rod pocket. Or a tab top.
It’s useless.
Even if you have it, you still need a way to attach it to your curtain.
Are you following so far? Because for two of these wands, you’ve spent $80 and you still don’t have a product you can use.

Not only that, but you can’t paint it to match your decor. It still looks like the kind of thing you’d find in a hospital. Which is fine, if you like that.

Here’s why Miracle Wand is better.

Miracle Wand is cheaper to buy. Miracle Wand ships with a generous 4-foot-long wooden dowel. If you don’t need long drapery wands just cut one in half. You get all the hardware you need to attach it to every kind of curtain panel there is.
Miracle Wand is cheaper to ship. Free economy shipping in the continental US and Canada if you buy 4 pairs or more.
Miracle Wand will last forever. What if your expensive acrylic or fiberglass wand breaks? You need a whole new drapery wand. That’ll be another $15 at the very least. But if your dowel breaks, just unscrew it from the Miracle Wand cap and put in a new one.
Miracle Wand caps are manufactured from a solid block of aluminum, and the hardware is quality metal. Once you buy them, you’re not going to need more. Yes we lose out on repeat sales, but we’ll make it up on referrals because you’ll be so happy you’ll tell everyone!
Miracle Wand will match any decor. Paint, stain, varnish and decorate your wands however you like. You’d be amazed how a dash of color can liven up a room! Attach something whimsical and fun to the end of it. Is your bedroom a Harry Potter tribute? Make your Miracle Wands a true magic wand! Is it a pink princess’s castle? Spray it pink and stick on some glitter or washi tape! The possibilities are endless!
Would you turn a screw a few times to make $20? Because that’s the average of what you’ll save buying Miracle Wand over conventional drapery wands!