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The Ultimate Craft Project – Easy, fun, and useful!

Miracle Wand turns an ordinary wooden dowel into a fantastic drapery wand!

Beautify your home with a functional and generously long drapery wand that works with all curtain styles – grommet, tab top, or rod pocket.

Paint, stain and decorate any way you want, and enjoy a practical home accessory when you’re done!

Perfect for kids, those with limited reach, or when there’s furniture between you and your windows! Match your decor with paint, stain, glitter, washi tape, whatever you can imagine.

And when you want to change your look, it’s so inexpensive to switch dowels!

You don’t have to decorate if you don’t want to. You can just attach Miracle Wand to a dowel (included).

But we’re so sure you’ll want to jazz them up, we’re including some decorating shwag in every order to get you started!

Read our FAQs and how-to articles for design ideas. Watch our videos on YouTube here.

Miracle Wand - *Includes dowels & deco pack*

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Product Details

Each pair of Miracle Wands includes all hardware, two 3-foot-long dowels, and free shipping anywhere in the conUS or Canada via tracked package mail..

  • Two Miracle Wand caps
  • Two mounting screws (to attach to the dowels)
  • Two rings (for grommet or tab tops)
  • Two clips (for rod pockets)
  • Two 3-foot-long dowels

Miracle Wands are designed to fit 3/8" wooden dowels, or anything 3/8" in diameter.

Hardware included works with all styles of curtains - grommet top, tab top, and rod pocket. Will also work with blinds if they run on a smooth track.


The DECO SHWAG PACK ships with each pair for a limited time.

Dress up your Miracle Wands with our deco shwag pack to get you started! Examples of how to use them are included in the video library. Each pair shipped comes with:

  • 2 zip tie mounts (for mounting flat decorations such as cards, small signs)
  • 2 zip ties (to attach the mounts to the dowels)
  • 2 rolls of washi tape
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Miracle Wand Is Perfect For Everything

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