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The idea for Miracle Wand came about when our friend needed to open her curtains for light during the day and close them at night to discourage anyone peeking in.

Sounds easy, right? Pretty basic stuff.

Except she’s not tall (a titch over 5 feet), plus there was a table in front of the window. And the window was at the very tippy top of her wall. Every time she wanted to open or close the curtains, she had to climb up on the table so she could reach the very top.

Not ideal. Time-consuming, not the safest thing to do, and a lot easier said than done.

What she needed was a very long drapery wand.

That’s the beauty of Miracle Wand!

But acrylic wands are expensive. Even then, none of them came with hardware to fit her grommet-top curtains.

A two-dollar wooden dowel available at any hardware store would do the trick. But how to attach it to the curtain?

That’s the simple and beautiful genius of Miracle Wand. It’s a drapery wand kit that fits on anything that’s 3/8″ around, including inexpensive wooden dowels, and it comes with the hardware to use it with a grommet top, tab top, rod pocket curtain and even blinds, as long as they can freely move along their track. It’s inexpensive and allows you to make a drapery wand that you can paint, stain, varnish and decorate any way you want.

It’s easy and inexpensive to change the dowels, and you get hardware that works with all curtain types!

In fact, anything that’s 3/8” around will fit. An old ski pole, copper tubing, let your imagination run wild!
Miracle Wand comes with dowels, but they’re easy to change. So if your kids paint their bedrooms in a Disney theme one year and want Hogwarts the next, no problem!

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Send us pictures and videos of your Miracle Wand creations in action and we’ll add them to our gallery, or post them yourself on Miracle Wand’s Facebook or Pinterest page! #themiraclewand

Write to us at info@themiraclewand.com with your press and sales inquiries, or just to chat about your favorite cat video.

Miracle Wand is the original ultimate drapery wand and DIY window accessory!


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