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The Miracle Wand 8-Pack Crafternoon

Who doesn't love making a magic wand?

Host a fun and successful crafternoon at your library, independent living facility, or any other place fun people get together. Host a Miracle Wand crafternoon!
Miracle Wand is simple, inexpensive, lasts forever, and is useful long after your craft group has packed up and gone home.

Best of all, it's made of strong solid wood and can be decorated any way at all!

Miracle Wand makes it easy for youngsters to open and close their curtains, and folks with limited reach such as shoulder or back issues can finally enjoy full daylight and maximize privacy too.

*PRO TIP: If hosting a crafternoon for libraries with a group of youngsters, they'll probably ask why their wands are so long. It'll help to explain that once the kids get them home, they'll thank you for their magic wand that now opens and closes their curtains!

For an older set, they can have fun matching their decor, or maybe they'll want a color that'll make a room pop!

However, they are easy to cut to any length you want.*

Use paint, stain, washi tape, glitter, anything. Hot glue some decorations on it, or wrap it with copper wire for a beautiful work of art on your draperies!
All You Need only $124