How to Use the Deco Shwag

Every order of Miracle Wands comes with a few decorating accessories to get you started. Right now this includes some zip ties, zip tie mounts, and washi tape.

What can you do with them? Follow along and find out!

In this video, we’re going to put a cute little sign and a beautiful big butterfly on this one, and we’ll use the washi tape to bring some glitz and glitter to the area in between the two.

As always, nothing we’re using here is expensive. Your local dollar store has tons of things you can use to decorate!

We’ll take an inspirational sticker and mount it to the Miracle Wand with a zip tie mount. We spray painted this dowel silver, but it’s the same wooden dowel available at any hardware store for a buck or two.

The rolls of washi tape look small, but they’re almost three feet long each! Plenty to help you decorate and make your Miracle Wands look snazzy. We’ll combine two of them on this wand.

Start behind where you want the first sign to be so the cut part is hidden, and hold the tape at an angle as you work your way down. We’ll cut the tape behind where the butterfly will be. Now do the same with the second roll for your accent colour.

The zip tie mounts all have an adhesive backing. Peel the backing off, and stick it to the back of the sign. Now put the zip tie on, and tighten it just a few clicks. This will leave it big enough to slip over the dowel from the bottom up. Tighten the zippy tie where you want the sign to be, and cut off the excess. We’ll do the same with a stamped gold foil butterfly decoration.

Make sure your zip tie goes across the dowel, not up and down!

It’s a good idea to roll the clip around close to the sign, so it doesn’t catch on the curtain.

What will you do with yours? You could make signs of places you’ve visited, a sign pointing to the hot tub or deck, or put up something whimsical at the cabin. No matter what, your Miracle Wands will look great!

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