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You are helping me sort out the billing, distribution, and shipping for my product.

In return for helping me test things out (and sharing your pictures on social media!), I’m offering you Miracle Wands at a HUGE discount!

Get 3 PAIRS of Miracle Wands INCLUDING six 3-foot-long wands AND all hardware AND a deco pack INCLUDING washi tape AND FREE SHIPPING!*

for 50% OFF!

You can find videos about how to use them on Youtube, and there are lots of ideas on our tips & tricks page. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOURS!

You don’t have to decorate or use the accessories. You can just screw the Miracle Wand cap on, post a picture and call it good. Really. I mean it.

But if you want to paint, stain, decorate or otherwise jazz them up, I’d love to see how you do it, and I just know that others would love to as well!

PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and tell me about your experience. Do you like the product? Is it fun to decorate and use? Does it make your life better? What do you think of the quality of the rings and clips? (You’ll only use the clips on rod pocket panels. Also: Better-quality rings are on the way). All your comments are welcome.

Click the product below. This is the only page where this link appears!

If you have ANY problems ordering, please let me know and I’ll make it right: info@themiraclewand.com.

Thank you, and I can’t wait to see your pics and videos! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter until we learn which ones our customers like the best.

Roger, Inventor of Miracle Wand

This includes 3 pairs of Miracle Wands with all hardware, PLUS 3-foot-long dowels PLUS a little shwag to get you started decorating and FREE SHIPPING to conUS and Canada via tracked package mail, all at 50% OFF the price of buying per pair!

3 pairs of Miracle Wands with all hardware.

    • 6 Miracle Wand caps
    • 6 mounting screws
    • 6 rings
    • 6 clips
    • 6 3-foot-long dowels


  • 6 zip ties
  • 6 zip tie mounts
  • 6 rolls of washi tape

If you need a longer dowel, they can be obtained at any hardware store. The cost for shipping 4-foot dowels increases considerably, but shipping a 3-foot-long ones is the same as just shipping the hardware.

Miracle Wands are designed to fit 3/8″ wooden dowels, or anything 3/8″ in diameter.

Hardware included that works with all styles of curtains – grommet top, tab top, and rod pocket. Will also work with blinds if they run on a smooth track.

Crafters are a creative bunch, so I’m happy to ship these out to as many people who want them but I’m asking a tiny favor in return. Please tell others about Miracle Wand, and please share your ideas about how to improve this site and the product with me (info@themiraclewand.com). That’s all I ask!

*INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We love you too! Please email info@themiraclewand.com for an invoice including shipping to your address!

Okay, here goes! I’ll take this page off line when I can no longer afford to lose money on this offer.