Lighted snow globe & garland

Here’s another simple and easy Christmas Miracle Wand idea!

We’re putting some small battery-powered lights in a globe at the end and wrapping the dowel with a simple decoration that has a core of paper-covered wire.

Drill a 3/8″ hole in a wine cork, and thread the lights through. You’ll need to make a little wiggle room for the wire, but don’t make the hole too big.

Take a dollar store snow globe decoration, remove the top, and push the lights in. Then push the cork into the neck of the snow globe.

We put some packing tape around the cork here because it was just a little too small.

Now put the dowel into the hole in the cork, making sure not to crimp the wire.

Tape it together so it’s easy to take apart after Christmas. Don’t glue it unless you want it to be a more permanent decoration.

You can cover the tape with decorative ribbon, and put the battery pack anywhere you want. For this one, we’ll put some fabric around the battery pack close to the globe, and secure it with some thin wire from a fancy wine bottle. Black hides wrinkles and unevenness in the fabric, and it looks elegant.

Cut some excess paper-covered wire branches and use it to secure the decoration along the length of the dowel.

Attach it to your curtain with the hardware provided, and enjoy!

Now you have a beautiful window dressing that’s functional too!

Miracle Wand works with all styles of curtain panels – tab top, grommet top, and rod pocket.

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