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Miracle Wand is the ultimate drapery wand and DIY window accessory

Miracle Wands - 1 Pair

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With your purchase, you'll get all the hardware you need to make 2 Miracle Wand drapery wands EXCEPT round 3/8" wooden dowels (available at any hardware store for about $1.50).

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1 pair of Miracle Wand dowel caps makes 2 Miracle Wands, which are usually for one window with 2 panels each.

1 pair of Miracle Wands include:

  • 2 Miracle Wand caps
  • 2 set screws (to attach to the dowel)
  • 2 grommet/tab top rings
  • 2 rod pocket clips

Works with grommet tops, tab tops, rod pockets, and even blinds as long as they freely move on a track or rod.

*Offer good in ConUS and Canada.

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