Simple snow globe & garland

Like all our other Miracle Wand ideas, this one only costs a couple dollars but looks like a million!

None of our videos require more than $5 worth of decorations from the local dollar store!

We’re using a Christmas snow globe decoration with a neck big enough for a cork, and we’ll use a poinsettia garland for the dowel.

This garland is a chain design, so thread the dowel through the first link and then about every six or eight links until you’re done.

Drill a 3/8″ hole through a wine bottle cork. Hold it steady, and try to get the bit as straight as you can.

Put the cork in the neck of the globe, then put it on the dowel. We don’t recommend gluing it on, because after Christmas you’ll want to redecorate your Miracle Wand. You can use tape instead, and it’s easy to hide.

If you don’t like the natural look of the cork, just cover it with some ribbon.

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