Make beautiful, inexpensive drapery wands with this amazingly unique craft kit!

Beautify your home with a functional and generously long drapery wand that works with all curtain styles – grommet, tab top, or rod pocket.

Paint, stain and decorate any way you want for a practical home accessory!

Each kit comes with everything you need to make drapery wands for 2 curtain panels.

Each Miracle Wand kit makes 3-foot-long drapery wands with all the hardware to attach to grommet top, tab top, rod pocket curtains and even blinds. You’ll also receive colourful washi tape, plus zip ties and zip tie mounts for attaching cards and pictures etc to get you started decorating them.

Get an extra dowel, cut it up and experiment with colors

It includes two dowels, two caps, two rings, two grommets, two screws, washi tape and zip tie mounts.

Anything that’s 3/8” around will fit. An old ski pole, copper tubing, bamboo craft and garden sticks, an attractive tree branch, whatever you can dream up! So if your kids paint their bedrooms in a Disney theme one day and want Hogwarts the next, no problem!

Match your decor with paint, stain, glitter, washi tape, whatever you can imagine.

Perfect craft project for kids, those with limited reach, or when there’s furniture between you and your windows!

And when you want to change your look, it’s so inexpensive to switch it up!

You don’t have to decorate if you don’t want to. But we’re so sure you’ll want to jazz them up, we’re including a decorating kit in every order to get you started!

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