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Miracle Wand explained in 46 seconds.

Miracle Wand fits on a round 3/8" wooden dowel to make a drapery wand up to 4 feet long.

Miracle Wand is the original DIY drapery wand and the ultimate window accessory!

Miracle Wand attaches to a 3/8” wooden dowel available from any hardware store. Works with all curtain styles – grommet, tab top, or rod pocket. 

Miracle Wand is the ultimate drapery wand and useful craft!

1. Order Your Miracle Wands

Each pair of Miracle Wands come with all the hardware you need for tab top, grommet and rod pocket panels. They'll even work with blinds, as long as they run on an even track.

Flat $5 shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

Get an extra dowel to see how your drapery wand will look with different colors

2. Decorate your Dowels (if you wanna)

Slide down to the hardware store and pick up a couple of 3/8" round wooden dowels. They're cheap, about $1.50 each.

If you're feeling creative, experiment with colors, decorate them with copper wire, add glitter or stones, make them a magic wand if you like!

But nothing says you can't just leave them plain.

Miracle Wand drapery wand comes with hardware for tab top, rod pocket and grommet panels

3. Attach and enjoy!

Attach your dowels to your Miracle Wand caps (screws included), attach them to your curtains (hardware included), and see what you've been missing.

Let the sunshine in, enjoy your privacy, take in the view, and get FREE SHIPPING on your next 4 pairs!


How easy is this?

Attach to a dowel, attach to your curtains and enjoy!

Miracle Wand helps you make the Ultimate Drapery Wand!

Miracle Wand helps you make the ultimate drapery wand and useful craft

Easiest DIY project ever!

Create and customize your own drapery wands in minutes!



Kids love to make their rooms their own with Miracle Wand drapery wand

Perfect for the Not-Tall!

Kids love to decorate their Miracle Wands any way they want! Miracle Wands can be made 4 feet long and even longer, so anyone can reach!

Miracle Wand drapery wand is perfect for those who can't reach the top of the curtains

Perfect for those with Limited Mobility

Why should you suffer just because you can’t reach very far?

Miracle Wands are always handy.

A Miracle Wand drapery wand is long enough to reach behind whatever's in your way

Perfect when Something's In The Way!

Are your curtains hard to get to? Maybe there’s a sofa in the way, or a dresser. 
You might not be able to grasp the top of the curtains…but you sure could reach your Miracle Wands!


Leave them plain wood, or try a few colours

Watercolor, stain, acrylic or spray paint all work beautifully

Narrow it down

Choose one you like that complements your decor

Miracle Wands include a ring to attach to your panels

...but decorative ribbon works, or how about the tough string from a dollar-store gift bag?

It's yours, so fly your flag!

Miracle Wands are a decorative and functional addition to your decor
Finally, a useful craft - a drapery wand you decorate yourself

If you have curtains, you need drapery wands.

But even short ones are expensive, the acrylic ones build up static, and they’re boring. Or you’re not tall enough, or there’s always something in the way.

Easiest diy project ever - a craft you can use, a drapery wand just for you

Easiest DIY project ever!

Your Miracle Wands are the easiest DIY project you’ve ever done! 
They require a 3/8″ wooden dowel from your local hardware store, about $2 each for a 4-foot length. 
The easiest, least expensive, most useful and fun DIY project ever!

Why not actually use your windows with a drapery wand you decorate yourself

Let Your Windows Allow The View

Decorate your Miracle Wand any way you want! Paint, stain, varnish, add glitter or whatever you feel like. 
Or just leave them plain, and they still work perfectly! 
Ordinary drapery wands are so…ordinary. But why should they be?


Easy peasy!

Jenny from Edmonton sent us this little video 'cause she loves her Miracle Wands!


Plain or painted, and what color? How to decorate your drapery wand

Plain or Painted, and what color?

There's no shame in just leaving your Miracle Wands as is. Nothing says you have to decorate them.

But it sure is fun to do, and will beautify your surroundings. Try these ideas!

Don't like DIY? Afraid of do it yourself? You're not alone

Don't like DIY?

If you're the kind of person who shies away from 'DIY', rest assured all you really have to do is turn a screwdriver a few times to use Miracle Wands. You don't have to paint them. We just thought it might be fun, that's all.

Miracle Wand loves the media!

Media/Press Releases

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Your windows do so much for you

Buy with confidence and get creative with Miracle Wands!



“My basement suite has a window at the very top. The only place I can put my table is in front of it. It was really hard to reach the curtains. I don’t want people looking in at night, but I want the light during the day. Miracle Wand solved my problem! I left the dowels 4 feet long, so now opening and closing them is a breeze!”

Jenny - Edmonton, Canada

“My six-year-old son has these in his room and is fascinated with them. The idea of controlling the curtain with a rod that must seem miles long is really appealing. Plus, he can reach them himself, which  he loves!”

D Daily

“We got a bunch of these for a youth shelter, and got the residents to paint and decorate them in pairs. Then we sold them at the local market. A great idea, a problem solved, and some money raised. 

Thank you Miracle Wands!”

Eric B., Minot ND

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