Autumn Thanksgiving Idea

Celebrate the beauty and abundance of fall with this autumn-themed Miracle Wand!

So easy to do, and you can get all the decorations you need from your local dollar store.

You don’t have to paint the dowel if you don’t want to, but gold looks great with these colors.

Get a 4-foot leaf decoration and some jute tape. We’ll finish it off with a perfect little Thanksgiving punkin’!

To spray paint, put some duct tape on the top half inch of the dowel and hang it up. Turn it as you spray, to cover it evenly.
Cut some lengths of the jute tape, and use them to secure the leaf decoration down the length of the dowel. You could wrap the wire in the decoration around, but it might get in the way of the curtain, and we like the folksy rustic look of the jute.

Use a 3/8″ drill bit and drill into the pumpkin a couple of inches. Fill it up with white glue or contact cement, and put some on the dowel too. Slide the gourd on and let the glue dry.

You could leave the top just like this…
…Or wrap it in jute tape


Wrap the decoration just below the cap if you want a more finished look all the way to the top.

If your jute tape isn’t adhesive, use some paper-covered wire to wrap around the jute. Aim the end straight up or down so it doesn’t catch on the fabric.

You’ll probably want two, of course.

Miracle Wand works on all kinds of curtains and makes any room look great!

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