Plain or Painted?

There’s no shame in just leaving your dowels as is. Nothing says you have to decorate them.

But since they’re so cheap, why not buy an extra one to experiment with?

1. Get a dowel to experiment with

First, cut your experimental dowel into 8-inch sections with a hacksaw or coping saw. A 4-foot dowel will give you 6 of these.
8 inches is enough to be able to visualize what the wand will look like once it’s done, especially in 6 different colors or stains.

2. Cut off or remove the label

If you don’t want to struggle with removing the pricing label, just cut it off. It’s usually closest to the end so you won’t lose much length doing this.

3. Experiment with colors

Use any kind of paint or stain you like, then lay out your painted pieces on the curtain panel you’ll be using it with.
If you have sheers, lay those out too.

4. Replace the ring?

If you have grommet or tab top panels, you might also want to replace the ring with something else.
Try hardy string or ribbon.

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